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  • Astronomical Instruments

    Need the Sun, other stars or the Moon to be used. Among them: astrolabes, nocturlabes, sundials

  • Compasses

    The first  references about the use of the navigation needle by Mediterranean navigants date to...

  • Diptychs

    Dyptich dials, also known as Pocket Sundials. Commonly used between 16th-17th Centuries.

  • Optical Toys

    Optical Toys originated on the 19th century due to optical experiments, photography and perception studies     

  • Miniatures

    Classical astronomical instruments in reduced scale versions: astrolabes, sundials…

  • Hourglasses

    It measures a period of time, from the moment a determinate amount of sand starts falling thanks to...

  • I-Basic Collection

    A collection of simplified scientific instruments´ reproductions: smallest sizes or basic materials