Equatorial Augsburg Sundial


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This dial of German origin is an Universal sundial like the Beringer quadrant. It also has a moveable scale of latitudes to be set for the measure. 

Equinoctial sundial, known as “Augsburg clock”. The original was made by Iohann Georg Vogler (1720-1765) who belonged to the fourth generation of a legendary line of goldsmiths in Augsburg, Germany. It is in the Naval Museum of Madrid.

The Voglers contributed to the popularization of this instrument in the 18th century.  The "Augsburg clocks" usually were octagonal planes that contained a compass with hinge clamps that allowed the hour scale and the limbo (with a scale of latitudes) to rotate. These dials were made originally of brass and glass. 


Height: 10cm / Width: 10cm
Height: 3.93 inches / Width: 3.93 inches

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