In April 2005, we created Hemisferium. Antique Scientific Instruments, S.L. We specialize in fabricating objects that link us to our scientific past, and in making them accessible to all those who love the art and beauty of science.

Hemisferium was born after Villalcor, S.L., ceased its operations, and all its accumulated experience of more than twenty years fabricating reproductions of instruments for nautical or optical use or for astronomical calculations is our inheritance.

The goals of Hemisferium are: investigation, development, and recovery of the scientific-historic patrimony of instruments that, due to their importance in the advancement of knowledge and in the evolution of technology, deserve to be rescued from oblivion and shared in all their beauty.

We select instruments whose scientific, historic, and esthetic value make them interesting and which can be reproduced using today´s materials and techniques. To do that, we study books, original artifacts in museums or private collections, and, carefully, with the aid of experts, we recreate the object in keeping with its esthetic and functional aspects. We develop our products so they can be used an accordance with their original objective.

Using up-to-date metals, woods, ink, paper, and other products and process in traditional craftsmanship, Hemisferium makes these wonderful instruments available a wide public.