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H109 Astronomic Ring Dial

*Known as the Astronomic Ring Dial Annulus Astronomicus , the complete name of this instrument is the Universal Equinoctial Ring Sundial. It works on the same principle as the Universal Equatorial Solar Quadrant.

This portable instrument can be used to make astronomical measurements and tell time in all Latitudes.


H111 Horizontal Sun dial

*French portable horizontal dial (circa 1800), shell-shaped, was made for 50º latitude. On the hour scale, the hour lines radiate from the Sun’s face. In the center, there was a circular hole for the missing gnomon.

The original, made of copper, is at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

H112 Naviculae 

*Portable altitude dial, signed by the French mathematician Oronce Finé, 1524. It was called because of its shape resembling a small ship, “Navicula from Veneto”.

Its fanciful appearance does not affect in any way its conceptual rigor and relates it to the Regiomontanus quadrant.

The original is at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milano.


Diameter: 25mm / Thickness: 1.8mm

Non functional  item.

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