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H106  Planisferic Astrolabe

*From the Greek “star searcher” the astrolabe was introduced in Europe by the Arabs.

It became a vital tool for astronomers, astrologers and surveyors. Among other calculations one can establish the height of the Sun, the planets and the stars, determine time and Latitude, measure heights, calculate distances and astrological implications.


H108 Nocturlabe

*To keep time at night, man learned by observing the stars: certain boreal constellations rotated around the Pole Star about once per day, as if a giant clock hand were keeping time around a celestial sphere of 24 hours.

This European Nocturlabe or Horologium noctis was made in the mid-17th century.


H110  Perpeptual Calendar

*This vertical disc dial has two sides: an altitude sundial and a perpetual calendar, which is the one depicted.

The calendar consists of three rotatable discs set on top of the main disc with a date scale and a lunar age scale among other features.

Made in France (1650-1700), is at the National Maritime Museum, London.


Diameter: 25mm / Thickness: 1.8mm

Non functional  item.

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