Hanging Altitude Ring dial (40º or 50º Lat.)


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Altitude sundial. Takes this name because the parameter of its construction is based on Sun’s altitude. This brass made model is available for two different latitudes: 40º or 50º.

On15th century mariners found a way to estimate their latitude to find their location in the sea. It was based on a well-known fact: the height of celestial bodies depends on the latitude. Soon various instruments joined the quadrant, the nautical astrolabe and the cross-staff or ballastella. Pedro Nunes (Portugal) invented the nonius, a process for subdividing scales, and created other instruments of innovative design.


Diameter: 40mm / Width: 21mm / Tickness: 4mm  

Height: 5.1" / Diameter: 1.77" / Thickness: 0.2"

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