Lunar Zoetrope


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From first scientific toys that used animated images to modern movies, retinal persistence has been fundamental to fooling the mind into believing that a series of static images are in motion.

In 1834, the English mathematician George Horner proposed a practical apparatus based on the phenakistoscope of Plateau and Stampfer (1830). It eliminated the need for a mirror and it enabled several people at the same time to view the moving pictures- an advance over the single spectator of the earlier toy.

One must turn the drum and then, by looking through the slots, will see the “images´movement”.

The Moon is its decoration main element, in V. Van Gogh style (1853-1890).

With 20 animated strips to play.


Diameter: 20cm / Max height: 22cm
Diameter: 7.8" / Max height: 8.6"

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