Moderniste Black Praxinoscope


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This scientific toy with animated images also relies in retinal persistence to make us believe we are seeing images in motion.

The praxinoscope was patented by the Frenchman Emile Reynaud in 1877, who was looking to overcome the deficiencies of the zoetrope, the most popular at the time. His apparatus was the first to eliminate the distorted view of the images in movement caused by insufficient light passing through the small slots of the zoetrope. This improvement in the quality of the image resulted in its immediate popularity.

One will see the images´ movement by turning the drum and looking the images on mirror´s reflection.

Its decoration is based on the artistic movement known as Modernism or Art Nouveau, dated from the end of 19th and beginnings of 20th century.

With 20 animated strips to play.


Diameter: 20cm / Max height: 22cm
Diameter: 7.8" / Max height: 8.6"

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